Session 1!

5th Day of Ches, Loudwater

Brocc sings a tale of lovers, torn apart by an evil overlord, but by the end of the song they are reunited and the evil overthrown. A few of the locals in the tavern give a short clap before returning to their lunchtime meal of beer and boar. Brocc shrugs and moves off the small stage and over to Alkin.

The two discuss various things, Alkin seems keen on setting out on high adventure, to vanquish great evil and do great good. He has hear rumours of ruins in the High Forest and the Fallen lands, but nothing specific.

Meanwhile Zelthas and Scrag are sitting across the way, also discussing doing good, but from a different perspective. They have recently arrived in Loudwater, following the trail of some women, but she left town before they arrived with a band of ruffians. Now they hear rumours of some protection racket starting up in town from the owner of the general store. Where there is a protection racket there is money, and possibly reward, which seems to be what motivates the thuggish half-orc.

Oakheart, a strange shifter, who looks distinctly out of place in the tavern, likely to be much more at home in the forest approaches their table. Rather bluntly he asks Scrag where he from, and seems disappointed (or perhaps relieved) when he discovered he is not from the High Forest, but from Luskan. Clearly a druid, and lacking in social skills he simply plonks himself at the table, although he does agree to buy the next round, so all is not lost.

Milvus, a giant (over 7’ tall) goliath then enters the tavern. Many look his way with some stares, but soon most return to their drinks. Oakheart again bluntly introduces himself to the goliath, before basically inviting him to join the others. He says he is in town looking for some human’s who might have passed through. He refuses to elaborate, and with such a vague description the others just shrug to themselves.

Meanwhile Brocc is going around asking for tips – he doesn’t expect much as its the evenings when he makes most of his money. He uses it as an excuse to get closer to the group of strangers and enquires after there health.

Find the Gang

The decision is made to talk to the general store owner again. Zelthas, Scrag and Brocc set off, leaving the others behind for a moment. They find out that a menacing tiefling called Narrows is the only person seen, although it is inferred that others are about, and that their leader is someone called the ‘Lady of Shadows’. It isn’t clear if she is a real person, or perhaps refers to the goddess Shar.

Talking to a couple of other shop owners, and a beaten up bloke in a tavern reveals the gang are based in an abandoned tenement in the north west of town. They return for the others and decide to check it out, a bit later when it is darker.

Milvus wanders around town, trying to talk to people about the ‘humans’ he is searching for, but more manages to scare people than find things out.

As evening approaches and dusk falls the group of six head to the tenement. They find a boarded up door, that on closer examination has been made to look boarded up but contains a small latch allowing it to be opened. The door leads to a dusty dark corridor. At the end is another old looking door, this time with a lock. Zelthas easily picks the lock, sliding his tools back into his pocket.

Wandering down the next corridor Oakheart stops the group. He spots a large trap on the floor, loose floorboards possibly covering a pit. With the aid of Scrag, Zelthis disables the trap, and the group moves on to the large iron doors at the end of the corridor.

Voices are heard beyond, but attempts to open these doors end in failure, as the voices stop, obviously aware that we are here. Milvus and Scrag charge the half unlocked door, blasting it open.


The fight is surprisingly fast. Most of the people in the room are minions, taken down quickly. Two elven archers are at the back of the room, one taken down very quickly by a devastating attack from Scrag, the other lasts longer but eventually goes down. Likewise Narrows, the tiefling, doesn’t last very long either.

Oakheart is the only one who noticed the ‘Lady of Shadows’, who then quickly disappears again, but continues to pepper the party with attacks. At the climax of the fight she is cornered at the top of a stairwell, but then escapes out of an upstairs window.


A check of the rooms reveals a caged area in the back of one room. A bloody note is found scratched on the corner of some cloth, reading “Save us please, we are being sold as slaves to the snakemen! They plan to sell us to Zelbross bandits”.



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