Session 2

The party follow Zark, and head to Zelbross

The battle against the Loudwater gang was over, and the room was searched. A rather small amount of gold and silver was found (89gp, 230sp ~ 18gp each).

Some strange arcane tiles were found on the floor of the room. The tiles appeared to be something that might be used for a teleportation spell, linking two places with a portal together. It was decided to disrupt the use of the tiles as a possible destination by lifting one of the tiles and taking it with us. Brocc intends to study the runes and try to work out exactly how they might be used.

Zark Alert!

Outside everything looks normal until Oakheart spots a small humanoid observing the party from behind some crates. We wander down the street as if we hadn’t noticed and then surprise him. It turns out to be a short dwarf with a large belt of daggers. Brocc recognises him as Zark, a local of Loudwater who is often involved in dodgy dealings.

He denies any knowledge of the gang, but it is obvious he is lying. Despite threats he doesn’t seem inclined to tell much, but Brocc assures the others he knows where the dwarf lives, so they decide to let him go, promising to keep an eye on him.

This they do straight away, with Zelthas following the dwarf as he makes his way through the back streets of Loudwater to the river docks. He boards a barge being loaded with barrels by two humans. Zelthas drops silently into the water and up onto the back of the barge, finding himself at a porthole with a view of the interior he observes Zark jotting something down in a journal or ledger, before a snake like humanoid is seen entering.

Zark chats to the snakeman, indicating that he feels their business relationship might be at an end, but the snakeman seems to think there is more trade to be had. Zark eventually leaves the barge, and it sets off down river, presumably heading for Zelbross.

Making his way back to the group after watching the barge leave he discusses what he has seen. Oakheart easily identifies the creature as one of the lizard folk, a reptilian race of swamp dwelling creatures. With Zelbross over 50 miles away, and the barge having a good head start the group has to wait till morning before it can set out, gathering there horses just before dawn.

Prior to sleep Brocc dropped in on a tavern were a guardsman he knew would be drinking. He let the guardsman know about the abandoned tenement, hoping that the Loudwater patrol would secure the location and hopefully stop the lady of shadows from returning. He just hoped that the rumours of the involvement of the patrol in the gangs’ activities weren’t true.

They quickly attempt to hire a skiff, but at 100gp for 10 days it is too rich for the party, who decide they will have to stick to their horses.

Zelbross Reached

7th Day of Ches

The journey to Zelbross took them the best part of 2 days, but the time went fast as they concentrated on the task ahead. They approached the remains of the town late afternoon. Most of the town was little more than rubble, but an old temple building appeared to have survived better than most, with most of its walls still standing, although the roof was long gone. Wagon tracks lead straight to the temple, and the group advanced slowly.

The temple turned out to be the base for the bandits, as the group was surrounded on all sides by crossbow wielding gang members. The lizard man appeared, blasting the ground around the group turning it to slushy marshland, making movement hard.

Milvus took an early battering, but his resilience showed through as he regained his feet and started to take down the bandits. Once Scrag had determined the strength of the foes he faced he started to take out the main combatants, finally putting and end to the lizard man in face to face combat. Everyone else did there part, with Zelthas’s strange chaotic magic making its mark yet again.

The battle was won, but what answers would the ruins of Zelbross reveal?



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