Session 4

Coming to Cormyr…

We finally decide to set off to Cormyr, picking the most direct route possible. We head off past the marshes of Najara, and down round the mountains, finally ending up at Arabel.

Arabel is a large city, bigger than some of our group have ever seen. The presence of the purple cloaks of Cormyr is a reminder that if we are to function as a group properly we should probably get a charter. We do that the following day, peacebonding our weapons. We call ourselves the Grey Vale Wanderers, for want of a better name. (100gp expense)

Brocc takes to the taverns, chatting to people till he finds someone who has hear of the Thunderspire Peak and can offer directions. After paying or the information he gives us directions to follow, which take us into the heart of the mountains. He warns us that a Hobgoblin group called the Blood Reavers work out of the place, a gang of slave traders. We also learn that the spire used to be ‘organised’ by a cabal of wizard, but has been taken over by shades.

The thunderspire is still a good few days off, and as we travel Oakheart gets the feeling we are being followed. He thought he spotted a fire in the distance one night, and when he spotted it again the following night was doubly sure.

Zethias, Scrag, and a panther form Oakheart track back along our path hoping to find out who is following. After an hour they finally come across a quickly abandoned camp, and suspect the camp owners have lopped round and are now heading towards our current camp.

Meanwhile the others are sitting in camp, wondering what is happening. Brocc has scaled a tree, hoping to see what is going on but in the darkness not seeing much. Finally the sound of horses is heard, and a group of strangers come close to camp. “Brocc, are you there” calls a familiar voice, that of Brocc’s good friend, and one time mentor Erdan. It turns out he has been following Brocc for some time, hoping to catch up. He is heading to Sembia with two comrades, Brale and Dirk, with plans he hopes are going to cause the shades a great amount of hurt.

Zembia and Oakheart finally arrive back, and after calming everyone down Brocc introduces everyone. The night is spent talking and telling tall tales, before watches are set. The following morning Erdan and his friends set off for Sembia. Before he leaves he tells Brocc to think about joining with him and the Harpers, and to be careful in the Thunderspire. Brocc promises to look him up in Silverymoon when they get back, and will consider his offer.

The group continues its journey, and while making their way through a pass are set upon by a group of hobgoblins. Oakheart sets up his wall of thorns which removes two creatures from the fight, but the archers atop the canyon sides cause us no end of trouble. Finally Oakheart manages to pull one over the edge to a horrible death, and another is blasted by the others till finally they run.

A small amount of gold is found amongst bodies (46gp) and group carries on. After following the rest of the instructions they find themselves at a large cave entrance. They light torches, and set off inside. The cave narrows, turning into a nature passageway before a doorway is cut into the rock on one side. Light filters from under the doorway, and sounds come from inside, insults appear to be passed back and forth between two groups, one rough and coarse, the other, a single voice, high pitched and smaller sounding.

Zethias suggests Milvus goes first, so he knocks down the door and attacks the first person he sees! Combat ensues, against a large group of hobgoblins, one of whom keeps blasting the group with some kind of force effect, knocking them backward and to the floor. Zethias’ chaotic powers yet again have unpredictable results, but eventually start to take down the enemy before eventually only the plate wearing hobgoblin is left, who finally surrenders.

We await next session to see what the hobgoblin has to say for himself…



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