A Goliath Warden


STR 20 CON 18 DEX 10 INT 10 WIS 13 CHA 8

HP 68 AC 22

Fort 19 Ref 15 Will 16

Passive Insight 15 Passive Perception 18

11 vs AC Lifedrinker Longsword +1 1d8+6 4 vs AC Crossbow 1d8


Milvus is a 7’ tall Goliath from the Nomadic Goliath Yanimami (The Fierce People) tribe.

The Yanimami tribe are from the steep slopes of the Nether Mountains north of the High Forest.

Milvus’s younger sister and other Goliaths were kidnapped by Orcs from the Ekko tribe. The Yanimami raided the Orc stronghold to find the captured Goliaths gone. The Orcs had sold the Goliaths to human slavers from the low lands.

On interrogating the captured Orcs the Yanimami learnt the slavers were intending to head south via the River Delimbiyr then through the Gray Vale to Najara.

Leaving his mountain home for the first Milvus has travelled to the low lands in pursuit of the slavers and searches for clues to his sisters whereabouts. This pursuit has taken him to Loudwater…


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