As small as a gnome usually is Brocc’s young looking features and blonde hair often get him confused with a human child. You’d think the pointy ears would help, but no.

This is his excuse for the pathetic attempt at a moustache. One day he hopes to be able to twiddle it like a true pro.


Excerpts from Brocc’s ‘Greatest Hits’:

There was a young dwarf from Amn.
Who loved to eat peas and ham.
He advertised for some pig.
Someone turned up in a wig.
And he’s now married to a girl named Pam.

There once was a wizard from Thay.
Who never got the right thing to say.
He got pushed in a box.
And as quick as a fox.
Shouted out ‘You lot will eventually pay!’

There was a young thief from Llorkh.
Who jabbed himself with a fork.
He cried out in pain.
While he bled down the drain.
Now he carries knife’s covered in cork.


Shadowlight samjudson