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The Forest Kingdom of Cormyr lies at the western end of the Sea of Fallen Stars, nestled between the Storm Horns and the Thunder Peaks and stretching from the Stonelands to the Dragonmere. Dominated by humankind, Cormyr has been ruled by House Obarskyr for over fourteen centuries, with the strong backing of an army of heavily armored knights on Cormyrian destriers and magically potent war mages.

Common Knowledge

The Forest Kingdom emerged from the Spellplague largely unscathed but threatened from the north by the resurrected Empire of Netheril, whose agents (called the Shadovar) are suspected to lurk in every shadow, and from the east by their Sembian clients. In the past century, House Obarskyr has reclaimed its strong authority and reluctantly become an imperial power, conquering cities to the east and west. The populace has gained new freedoms and forms the backbone of the region’s strength. Armed adventurers are still required to carry a written charter, but such charters are now granted by any herald upon request.

Regional Features

The heart of Cormyr lies in the great forested vale surrounded on three sides by the Storm Horns and the Thunder Peaks and bordered to the south by the shrunken Dragonmere. The reach of House Obarskyr extends north into the Stonelands, where Cormyr’s influence is contested by the Empire of Netheril; west into the Tunlands, where fierce bandit tribes harass trade moving south and west from High Horn to Proskur; and east into the Sembian cities of Daerlun and Urmlaspyr.

Arabel: This small city lies in northeastern Cormyr, at the crossroads of the main east-west and north-south trade routes leaving the Forest Kingdom. Over the past century, Arabel has evolved into a fortified military base, defending against the threat of the Empire of Netheril to the north and east.

King’s Forest: House Obarskyr’s hunting preserve is a relatively safe woodland largely free of fell creatures or ruins. In the wake of the Spellplague, small numbers of fey returned to this forest. Although most avoid contact with Cormyr’s human population, a few malicious faeries use magic to lure lone travelers astray.

Marsember: Built atop an archipelago of marshy islands, Marsember grew rapidly in the wake of the Spellplague. The retreating waters of the Sea of Fallen Stars left many canals high and dry and forced the port facilities to move to keep pace with the water’s receding edge. The City of Spices, as Marsember is now known, is dominated by local merchant companies that specialize in such wares. Residents whisper that the “Spice Lords” secretly traffic in banned substances as well.

Storm Horns: The sharp and massive mountains along Cormyr’s western and northern borders form a high wall broken only by High Horn Pass, guarded by Castle High Horn, and Gnoll Pass, guarded by Castle Crag. Small tribes of orcs and goblins periodically cause trouble for passing caravans, thanks to the machinations of Shadovar operatives active in the region.

Suzail: Cormyr’s capital is a wealthy city, home to the Forest Kingdom’s noble families and merchant houses. The Purple Dragons and the War Wizards are ruthless in rooting out shadowy Netherese spies, but the machinations of disgruntled nobles provide constant fodder for intrigue. The Blue Dragons, Cormyr’s navy, are based here as well, extending the nation’s claim over the shrunken Dragonmere.

Thunder Peaks: This broad mountain range, named for the sudden and fierce storms that batter its peaks year round, guards Cormyr’s eastern border and is home to hostile tribes of orcs and goblins.

Wheloon: This small city is no longer a hub for trade along the Wyvernflow. By royal decree, it has become a prison city of suspected worshipers of Shar and dominated by ruthless gangs of thugs

Other Locations


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